Microsoft dual-screen Surface hardware coming soon


For the last several years, speculations were rife that the Microsoft working on the pocketable Surface device under project Andromeda.  The CEO Satya Nadella in November 2016 said the company was in no rush to bring a surface phone and when it eventually comes, it will be far superior and completely different from the contemporary rival brands. But, very people knew that the Redmond-based firm was also working on slightly bigger gadget similar to a tablet, but with a dual-screen, internally known as Centaurus.

Now, it has come to light that Andromeda has taken a back seat and the Centaurus is almost complete for commercial launch. It was recently showcased to the Microsoft employees and if The Verge sources are to be believed, the device is top-notch and there was a huge line in the office vying to get a closer glimpse of it.

There is no word on the internal hardware as such, but Centaurus is said to run Windows Lite, a special software, which is capable of offering seamless interface on dual-screen and yet the feel and user-experience similar to the ever familiar Windows OS for PCs.

If things go as planned, Microsoft’s mysterious hybrid hardware Centaurus may break the covers by the end of 2019.


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