India's 'All Options' already available for terrorist attacks

India has 'All Options' already available for terrorist attacks

main point
1. Sources said that India has shared Pakistan's use of F-16 jet with American evidence during the counter war.
2. Since Balakot, India is trying to put maximum pressure on Pakistan on the issue of terrorism.
3. Indian Air Force has placed all its bases on Balachot after maximum alert in western region.
Official sources said on Tuesday that the government will insist on concrete steps by Pakistan to end terror infrastructure.
Pakistan has gone to all the countries demanding mediation, but there is more information about India's position, sources said that India has told the international community that this is not an India-Pakistan issue, but it is about terrorism.
The sources said on Monday that the Indian Air Force had placed all its bases in the western sector on maximum alert after the attack on Jaish-e-Mohammad's biggest terrorist training camp in Balakot, Pakistan on 26 February.